Where are your modules from?

Solarever USA is entirely committed to serving the American market by providing modules manufactured in Mexico exclusively to meet their specific needs.

Is Solarever USA applying for the IRA?

At the moment, we are working towards applying for IRA as we are made in North America. We will be sure to let you know when it’s done.

Does Solarever USA provide the shipping of the modules?

We provide a service to quote the shipping cost for you using a trusted third-party carrier, ensuring the delivery of your modules to your location. Additionally, we offer the option of pickup at one of our warehouses.

Does Solarever USA offer installation services?

Solarever USA is a solar module manufacturer with strategic alliances with major distributors who provide installation services. However, the brand

itself does not offer installation services.


What is the process for a warranty claim?

To initiate a warranty claim, please contact our tech support department at technical.support@solareverusa.com. Share the evidence requested by our engineers, complete the warranty claim form, and await our determination on the case.

Will Solarever USA honor the warranty if my distributor goes bankrupt?

Yes! All our modules are covered by Solarever USA’s proprietary warranty.

Do you recommend using DIY racking systems?

We strongly recommend utilizing certified racking systems. We do not endorse wood installations, as they can pose potential hazards to both the client and the installation.

Are Solarever panels CEC registered?

Absolutely, all our models are CEC registered.

What UL certifications do we have?

Solarever USA holds UL certifications such as UL 61730, UL 61215, and UL 61701.

What technology do the modules feature?

The modules incorporate half-cut MONO PERC silicon cells.

Does the warranty protect against bad practices by my installer?

No, Solarever USA excludes any liabilities arising from poor installation practices by the installer.


Will my panels work properly in a cold weather environment?

Cold temperatures can enhance the current and overall output of solar

modules. However, it’s crucial to consider other factors such as irradiance and the presence of shadows.

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