Solarever at the PowerGen 2023

The Power Industry has a trade show each year called PowerGen International, this conference is all about the business of generating power.  This year in February in Orlando, Florida Solarever USA changed the face of PowerGen forever.  Solarever USA decided that it was time for a renewables manufacturer that is leading the way in solar panel efficiency and manufacturing technology to exhibit in the same room as fossil fuel companies.  Fabian Alva (Marketing Manager) and Rocio Islas (Regional Sales Manager) lead the effort and created quite a buzz at the Orange County Convention Center with the only solar panel manufacturer exhibiting at PowerGen International.

The interest from the attendees was overwhelming and positive. The questions ranged from project type (Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Utility Scale) to how solar works in conjunction with CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems.  Solarever USA has now positioned itself as a leader in the Power Industry, not just the renewable Power Industry!

Who is Solarever USA

Solarever USA is a 100% North American based company and a leader in innovation and technology development for renewable energy in North America. The group produces top quality solar modules (Tier -One as recognized by PV Magazine), solar cells and energy storage systems, along with electric vehicles. Solarever has sold into more than 10 countries in the Americas as well as Europe and Asia. In North America, Solarever USA has a 1.1GW module production line and a 600MW solar cell production line. In the next four years, the company will also invest over US$1 billion in new HJT and TOP CON cell technology production lines, lithium battery cell production lines, and electric vehicle assembly lines all in

North America. Solarever’s commitment to solar modules, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage

systems, electric vehicles, and EV chargers, the group is building up a Solarever Energy System to trade real-time energy online, and plans to become the leading Energy Trading company. The group has set up a number of subsidiaries and scientific research centers in Mexico, the United States, and China, and is committed to researching and developing. 

On Key

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