SolarInsure adds Solarever USA to their AVL

As a result of renewable energy gaining traction, many individuals and companies are investing in solar energy as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional power sources. However, with any investment comes risk, and this is where the importance of insurance comes in.

That’s why we are happy to announce our partnership with SolarInsure, as part of their Approved Vendor List. Our new partner has provided protection to homeowners and companies for over 15 years, covering 300 MW in the US.

SolarInsure’s mission is to bring solar to every home in the US and make all customers go energy independent. Also, they partner with the most prestigious representative companies in the solar Industry, such as RE+, American Solar Energy Society and Smart Electric Power Alliance, etc.

By adding Solarever USA to its approved vendor list, SolarInsure is not only providing a safety net for those investing in solar energy, but also endorsing our products which meet their standards. With this new partnership, we aim to give customers a peace of mind, knowing that their investment is covered.

solarever USA_new_partner_solarinsure

In conclusion, our collaboration is a positive step forward in the adoption of solar energy. For customers, it provides the assurance they need to invest in renewable energy, while it endorses our solar panels as high quality and reliable. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, initiatives such as this will help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy.

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